Translation in the Margins – Saturday 3 October

International Literary Showcase

Join Writers’ Centre Norwich for a practical symposium exploring the radical edges of literary translation in a global context.

From 10.30am, 3 October 2015
Free Word Centre, Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA
Tickets: £15; available from or call 0207 324 2570

A practical symposium exploring the radical edges of literary translation in a global context, with lectures, discussion panels, break-out workshops, readings and networking opportunities. Speakers and performers include: Olive Senior, Sun-mi Hwang, Hamid Ismailov, Meena Kandasamy, Fan Dai, Khairani Barokka, Moqapi Selassie – plus many more writers, translators, publishers and activists.

Olive Senior will be giving the keynote speech exploring the multiplicity of languages in the Caribbean, with examples of folk usages, literary highlights, key historical events and incidents that have an interesting ‘translation’ angle,  – told from the perspective of a practising writer talking to an audience of writers, translators and non-specialists.


More about the day

Literary translators in English are becoming increasingly self-aware and vocal about their activism, and the crucial role they play in importing new writing for publication. Yet it often seems that they work at a distance from some of the other movers and shakers across the literature sector – the writers and agencies doing frontline work in schools and hard-to-reach communities; the publishers and educationists fighting for more diversity in literature; the freedom of speech campaigners.

This event will bring such groups together, aiming to survey connections and opportunities.

– Are there specific translation practices in postcolonial and developing world contexts?
– Are there contemporary literatures that it is imperative we translate – and how, in practicality, can this be achieved?
– Where will the translation markets of the future be situated?

Throughout the day we will travel through those lively intellectual crossroads where the creative and critical practice of translation stops and progressive social movements take over.

The afternoon will close with a drinks reception and poetry performance.