The Mixtape Tour 001: Music


With Charlie Dark, James Massiah and The Dead Can Rap

7pm, Thursday 30 November
Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road, London
Tickets £5 – available here:

The first edition of Nick Makoha and Roger Robinson’s Mixtape series is an Electro -Hip Hop poetic spectacular.

Starting us off we have James Massiah, who fuses unlikely unions throughout his work, as in a recent collaboration with The xx for their recent Night and Day Festival. This poet and DJ is just as firmly embedded in the fabric of London’s streets and nightlife as he is in its ever-expanding creative scene.

Then we move on to Charlie Dark, the infamous head honcho of RunDemCrew and the newly reformed Attica Blues with his solo project God Of Road, marrying his spoken word with modular synth production for a truly unique experience.

We end with The Dead Can Rap. The legendary producer Mike Ladd and the legendary graffiti artist Remi Rough combine for a brand new live project – expect grade A, in-your-face entertainment from these notorious hip-hop culture connoisseurs.


The Mixtape Tour is an exciting new collaboration by Nick Makoha and Roger Robinson exploring new ways to present their poetry and all of the elements that influence them as artists. Find out more here.