Breaking Ground Launch at London Book Fair 2017

200 Writers listing

Breaking Ground: International Showcases Celebrating British Diversity in Literature with the launch of a new booklet featuring 200 writers of colour and announcing the new chapter of Breaking Ground.

Wednesday 15 March 2017, 14:30-15:30

London Book Fair, Olympia, Gallery Suite, Room 2, Grand Hall Gallery

Speakers: Caleb Femi, Colin Grant, Nick Makoha, Sharmilla Beezmohun; chaired by Razia Iqbal

2017 marks a time of change across the world as borders close and barriers go up. Yet populations continue to move and to diversify communities and societies around the globe. And, while those in the arts have been among the first to recognise the opportunities this brings, the publishing industry has struggled to keep up with such changes within British society.

Speaking Volumes Live Literature Productions’ 2017-18 initiative, the Arts Council England-funded Breaking Ground project, sheds light on how it makes social, political and economic sense to back UK writers of colour and to put them centre stage. Taking British black, Asian and minority ethnic artists to Europe as well as making samples of their work available in translation, Breaking Ground offers the chance to build international networks and connections and to develop writers’ careers across borders and languages.

This panel, featuring Speaking Volumes and three diverse writers, offers a fascinating insight as to why publishing needs to be more inclusive and how that can be achieved in today’s climate. There will also be free copies of the accompanying Breaking Ground brochure, which highlights 200 contemporary British writers of colour, including many up-and-coming voices who are not yet published.

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